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5 Unique Honeymoon Destinations in India

5 Unique Honeymoon Destinations in India

The beautiful and vast country that is India is a real treasure house of wonders. The sheer range of natural beauty the country is blessed with is mind-boggling. From east to west and north to south, rivers, mountains, valleys, waterfalls, and much more grace the land in grandiose splendour. Many of these gems make for excellent honeymoon destinations. Whether you  fancy the mountains or the beaches, there is bound to be a place to getaway to near your place in India. Here is a list of 5 unique honeymoon destinations in India.

  1. Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is known as the “gift of the forest”, and as soon as you enter the proximity of this hill station you realize why. Kodaikanal is a hill station in South India which is easily accessible by road and rail from the urban centres of both Bangalore and Chennai. If you are looking to get there from Delhi, then it is best to catch one of the Delhi to Chennai flights and then fly in or drive to Madurai to reach Kodaikanal.

Kodaikanal has a lush forest cover and still retains the same natural charm which attracted Christian missionaries many years ago. The forests, lakes, and waterfalls as well as the wildlife in the area make for a great and memorable stay. For honeymooners it is best to select a hotel or  resort away from the centre of Kodaikanal which will be usually bustling with tourists. Kodaikanal makes for a wonderful experience right in the lap of nature. Kodaikanal is situated in the  state of Tamil Nadu.

  1. Alleppey

Kerala the state whose name is enough to  evoke magic is plush with picturesque locations which lend themselves as ideal honeymoon locations. From pristine beaches to enchanting waterfalls and spectacular waterfalls the state seems to have everything. One place that presents itself as a unique honeymoon destination is Alleppey, which has been dubbed as the Venice of the East. Alleppey or Alappuzha is located about 53 kilometres from Kochi which is well connected with Delhi and other major cities by air.

Alleppey makes for ideal honeymoon getaway. Cruising along in a houseboat along the tranquil backwaters is a unique, romantic, and unforgettable experience. The network of lagoons and canals of Alleppey are indeed the stuff of romantic dreams and a honeymooners wishes come true.

  1. Khajuraho

Temples of love which celebrate the beauty of love in stone. That is Khajuraho, a famous destination situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Khajuraho has an airport and there are flights connecting it to Delhi and cities like Bhopal.

Khajuraho is a poem in stone and an immortal example of the best of art and architecture. Located at a distance of  about 175 Kms. from Jhansi Khajuraho makes the ideal setting for a quiet and secluded getaway. An offbeat honeymoon destination and something that lovers of art, architecture, and history would find enchanting.

  1. Auli

Most if not all couples dream of a honeymoon in Switzerland amongst the snowy Alps. Move over Switzerland, we have our own Auli which turns into a white wonderland in winter. Couples looking for a snowy destination for their honeymoon would find Auli a winter paradise. Auli is not far from Delhi at under 400 kilometers, it is also just about 156 kilometres from Dehradun. This Himalayan ski resort situated in the state of Uttarakhand makes for a picturesque and unique honeymoon destination to head to during the winter months when the region is covered with layers of soft white snow. Long stretches of snow with coniferous forests in the background and the peaks of the Himalayan ranges serenading the honeymooners has the makings of a scene straight out of a Bollywood blockbuster. Just the honeymoon one would have dreamt of.

  1. Corbett

For honeymooners who dare to look beyond the ordinary, the roar of the Bengal Tiger in the dead of  the night must indeed make for a thrilling experience. The Corbett National Park which is a wildlife sanctuary in the state of Uttarakhand is definitely the recipe for an unusual but romantic honeymoon. Corbett is situated about 230 kilometres from Delhi and well connected to other parts of the country too. The National  Park which is the oldest in India and associated with the legendary Jim Corbett seems to have the aura of romance and adventure hanging over it. Its magical landscapes which consists of water bodies, marshes, hills, and grasslands teeming with wildlife makes for an unforgettable experience to be cherished for a lifetime. The seclusion of the forests and  the atmosphere tinged with adventure combined with a hint of the fear of the wild makes for a unique experience.

These are only a few of the gems picked from the goldmine that is India. Across the length and breadth of the country there are numerous destinations which are unique gems in their own right, some known and some waiting to be discovered.

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