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All you need to know about Mumbai

All you need to know about Mumbai

Mumbai is the capital of Indian state of Maharashtra. It has a population of about 100 million. Thus, Mumbai is the definition of Urban India. This city is surely not a place for someone who likes calm and silence of the countryside. In short, I would like to live in a city which teaches you to live your life to the fullest.

Mumbai is the city that never sleeps. It is called so for a reason. Whether it’s four in the morning or past midnight this city will never make you feel alone. There is something or the other going on. You can call anything ‘Mumbai’, ‘Aamchi Mumbai’, or ‘Maya Nagari’ this city has many names. It will give you many beautiful reasons to stay here.

Whenever you talk about Mumbai ‘Vada Pav’ is a must. But Vada Pav is not the charm of Mumbai there are diverse traditional Maharashtrian dishes, south Indian dishes, all sort of thaalis, sweets and chaats like paani puri, bhel, Sev Puri and more. One can never stay hungry when in Mumbai. Also can never get tired of the food.

Apart from food, shopping is an absolute delight here. It provides you best bargain, for those who do not want a hole in their pockets can shop here. Linking road, Fashion Street, Lokhandwala market, Colaba Causeway, Hill road, Crawford market are ideal places for all the street shoppers and young high fashioned teenagers.

The central attraction of the city is ‘Gateway of India’, it is so because this is the place where British left independent India. Mumbai is the pioneer of Indian Film Industry. Festivals in Mumbai is like a grand affair.  No matter what festival is it every Mumbaikar celebrates it with equal enthusiasm and happiness. Festivals like Ganpati Chaturthi, Diwali, Holi, Navratri, Eid and many such festivals get people on the streets celebrating it. The manner in which Mumbai celebrates festivals, you cannot find it in any other city.

The best time to visit Mumbai is between October to February when the coastal city is free from the heated summers. Best to book your  Hyderabad to Mumbai Flights at this time.

You will be surprised to know that everything in Mumbai is never on time.Be it the local trains, the taxis, the traffic and also the functioning of the government.

And what to say about Mumbai locals which are of a capacity to hold only 1700 passengers, but are often stuffed with three times that number. Such ill-famed activity has led to the formation of a peak hour which is called the Super Dense Crush. To keep women less affected by this super dense crush, the Indian railways have come up with exclusive rail lines for women, namely ‘The Ladies Special’

How can I miss talking about Marine Drive when it’s about Mumbai? Marine Drive is the most beautiful place in Mumbai. It looks even prettier at night. It also referred to as a ‘Queen’s necklace’. Evenings at marine drive is best. You can sit at this place all day long without even getting bored. The cool breeze at Marine Drive will make you forget all the stresses of the life. One must visit Marine Drive on his visit to Mumbai.

So when are you planning to take your Hyderabad to Mumbai Flights?

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