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Gourmet break creme de la creme French gastronomy level

Gourmet break creme de la creme French gastronomy level

In all objectivity (and between us), we must admit that it is difficult, if not impossible to compete with our dear and tender French gastronomy. Farandole of cheeses, salty or sweet crepes, macaroons and other delicious cakes … We have prepared a selection of good dishes with small onions to make your mouth water.

French gastronomy: Breton specialties

As simple as Far Breto

Far is a typical recipe of the region, and although there are many variations, the real truth is prunes! And even for all those who do not put a foot in a kitchen, the recipe is very simple: eggs, flour, milk and sugar. Psst … You can also spice it up with rum (we say that we do not say anything).

Kouign Amann chew

Good to start, do not ask us to pronounce it, we prefer to eat it. “Kouign” means cake and “Amann” butter … So everything is said! But be careful, its preparation is not as simple as it looks. Not everyone will be able to cook a dough of bread covered with sugar and butter, all folded into several layers (we already imagine the caramel on the other hand).

A faultless pancake

Who does not like pancakes? (No one, except me maybe). It is therefore time to bow to this dessert / main meal to enjoy with family or friends (pot of Nutella XXL, sugar and whipped cream in the viewfinder). Needless to say, the preparation is very simple … Everything is in the texture and ESPECIALLY the thickness. The end result must be fine (and you can add beer or water to the flour and milk if your heart tells you). Challenge accepted!

French gastronomy: Nord-Pas-de-Calais specialties

A little mussels and chips that tells you?

Ok, to be honest, this gastronomic delicacy really comes from Belgium (we admit everything, we remain good players). However, thanks to the famous Braderie de Lille, mussels and fries remain the stars of the region. It makes us hungry all that!

A big thank you to the Ch’tis

Without them, we might never have tasted the mythical maroille pie. Ok smell is enough … Unique, but the sweetest taste of cheese is just magical. And question preparation? Simply cut a whole maroille (crust included) on a dough bread, add generous spoons of cream with egg yolk and put everything in the oven (yes … Only downside is that we can not unfortunately not eat every day).

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