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Ipoh Boutique Hotel with Bathtub

Ipoh Boutique Hotel with Bathtub

It’s always advisable to take a break from work and all other stressing activities and relax to calm your mind and body. Our cities are filled with toxic gases emitting from vehicles and industries. The noise is so destructive and at times can be harmful to your health. The environment is littered with all sought of garbage and makes our cities look ugly. This in mind makes it very hard to locate a beautiful place to chill out, alone or maybe with your family. However, all hope is not yet lost. Meet Ipoh town situated in Malaysia which has been famous for being one of the cleanest and lovely cities in the world. It has rivers and hills which are very attractive to the eyes. Of all the places in the world, this is the best place to lighten up.

There are many classic hotels in Ipoh to choose from. It highly depends on one’s taste and preference when deciding which best meets his or needs. Some people will opt for hotels with swimming pools, significant parking areas, free Wi-Fi, free shuttle, bottled water, magazine, shelves, reading tables and bathtubs. However, others will prefer just well-decorated but straightforward hotels. It all depends on one’s wallet and personality. One of the greatest methods to kick back is soaking in a bathtub in your luxurious room. There are several Ipoh boutique hotel with bathtub. They include: Lot 33 boutique hotel which is located close to Pantai Tengah has spacious Jacuzzi and it’s surrounded by cafes and restaurants. The Settlement hotel is located at the entrance of Portuguese residence where you can watch the sun setting. It offers suites with pretty inviting bathtubs. Weil hotel situated in the city center has its rooms decorated with themes of the British and its bathtub is quite amazing. The Banjaran Hotspring retreat is one of the charming hotels ever surrounded by the beautiful limestone karsts and beautiful rainforest.  The colorful gardens and water villas have their sunken bathtub that drains water from a nearby geothermal hot spring. It also offers spa and fitness facilities that will rejuvenate both your soul, mind and body. Horizon hotel provides a well-deserved bathtub that helps to keep your stress at bay. Other hotels in Ipoh city that have bathtub include Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson, Mangala Resort & Spa, AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort, Malihom Private Estate and Lone Pine Hotel.

Don’t waste your precious scarce money and time in expensive low-quality hotels in the middle of nowhere. Make a visit to Ipoh city and experience more than your expectations. The captivating environment and the standard services offered in these hotels will make you feel at home. The Ipoh boutique hotel with bathtub will give an exciting feeling and fun.

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