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Smart Ways to Pack up Your Smart Suitcase

Smart Ways to Pack up Your Smart Suitcase

We all have experienced the worst situation when we have to battle with the unruly suitcase. Sometimes we panic with the overweight suitcase and sometimes we have to struggle hard when digging the whole baggage for the desired item. The trouble can be zeroed if you pack your luggage in smarter ways.

Packing is a wonderful art of strategic management. You have to pack everything in a way that anything important shouldn’t be left or anything excessive shouldn’t be carried. Also you must consider the specifications about the weight, size and number of items in the baggage.

Follow these formulas while packing your suitcase to avoid the dilemmas.

Choice of the Luggage Case

First of all, you need to choose a suitcase that is suitable with the airline protocols as usually the number of items is specified by the company. Select the one which has soft corners, more pockets, expandable and light weight. Hard cases might be ideal for fragile items but for regular trips, soft sides are more suitable. Don’t forget to check out the durability of the handles, locks, zips and wheels of the case so that it doesn’t burst out on the belt.

List Down the Must Haves

To save your time and effort, list down the things that you want to carry so that you don’t forget anything important. Once you make a checklist, start gathering the things and put a tick mark on them. In this way, you can do a fool proof packing.

Things That Shouldn’t be in Suitcase

Stuffs like puffy parkas, hats, boots, etc. that are heavy weight or larger volume should never be kept in the bag. Rather than packing them in your luggage, wear them. Don’t worry about looking weird because it will give you chic ensembles and leave more space in your luggage.

Also consider the delicate and precious items like jewelry, beauty or valuables and don’t dump them in the suitcase. You can simply put on or take them in your handbag to avoid troubles in case of TSA checking or luggage misplace.

What about the gadgets? Obviously, the cell phone will be in your pocket. But if you are taking a laptop with you, then carry a separate handy laptop bag. Tablets, I Pads or other small gadgets can be kept in your hand carry to avoid any potential damage.

Folding & Packing

There are several smarter ways for packing up your essentials. Many travellers fold their clothes and place them in stacks but these stacks become a mess when they have to dig for the right one. So, the best way is to roll up all the clothes and place them like bottles. This will save your time and effort to pick the desired one.

Now let’s discuss about the shoes, don’t take a lot of pairs with you as two to three pairs are enough for the trip i.e. one easy going slippers and apair of formal shoes are enough. If you are heading to beach, then adjust a pair of flip flops in your luggage. Wear your formal shoes of larger volume while travelling to save the space.

Have you ever experienced leakage of your shampoo, hand-lotion or any liquid? If yes then you must know the mess and misfortune throughout the suitcase. Now, seal the bottle caps with tape or some sticking, and then place them in a mini travelling bag of multiple small pockets. Also replace the huge bottles with the small ones according to the duration of your trip.

Leave Some Space Behind

If you want to be frustration free, then don’t fill your valise to the full. There may be something important that you remember at the last moment. If you are a shopping addict, then this place will serve you as a gold mine as you can keep your shopped items here at the time of return.

Weigh the Luggage

After packing up the bags, always weigh them at home to check whether it is in allowed limit or not. If it exceeds, then swap the heavier stuffs with the lighter ones and make the most of the case. This hack will save you from the hassle of removing the things at the airport due to the excessive baggage or you have to pay extra for that.

Don’t leave Packing to the Eleventh Hour

Smart packing isn’t an easy task that you can do at the last minute. You need essential time to gather the things and placing them in the right manner. Also this will reduce your frustration and fatigue and will keep you fresh at the time of your flight.

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