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The 5 parks to land in London

The 5 parks to land in London

Did you know that London is 47% green? Or that there are 8 million trees – some millennia – making it the largest urban forest in the world? Yes, the English capital, under the gray, conceals small paradises of wild nature and lush greenery. So what are the best parks in London? Whether you want to go for a dip, make a little barbeuk, or go for a swim in a pond, there’s something for everyone! So follow us to discover the best parks in the English capital:

1. In central London: Camley Street Natural Park

If you’ve always dreamed of trying to catch small fish or insects in central London, then Camley Street Park is for you! Nestled between King’s Cross and Regent’s Canal, it is a park that is not recognized at its fair value. Even some Londoners are unaware of it! But for the initiates, this is a haven of peace where you can reconnect with nature for an hour or two without having to leave central London. And if you do not want to get dirty running after bugs, you can always walk between the trees to a pier where you can admire the barges that float along the canal.

2. South West London: Richmond Park

Located southwest of the subway, on the District Line, Richmond Park is without comparison the largest park in London, and worth the trip. It is home to deer, foxes, bats and a whole bunch of insects and birds. This is an opportunity to taste the English countryside without having to leave London. If you go there in April or May, trace straight to the Isabella plantation, just south of the park, where the thousands of azaleas in bloom will give you the impression of living in a pink and purple dream.

3. South London: Brockwell Park

A 20-minute walk from Brixton Underground Station, Brockwell Park is one of London’s less touristy parks. On the other hand, it is extremely popular among Londoners, thanks to its ultra-unobtrusive outdoor pool, large expanses of green grass and the nearby Herne Hill Market. Here you can find picnics: cheese, delicious sausage rolls, cheese, salads made from local produce, cheese, excellent coffee and fromaaaage. One of the best parks in London, without a doubt.

4. In the center of London: Postman’s Park

Postman’s Park pays homage to anonymous heroes

Postman’s Park is located between St Paul’s Cathedral and the Museum of London, and presents a unique attraction to the world that could soften the most cynical of us. Indeed, it houses a Victorian era memorial dedicated to men, women and children who sacrificed their own lives to save another’s. Their stories are simple and yet so moving that you will probably end up reading them all without exception.

Among them, 9-year-old William Fisher, who lost his life by saving his brother’s life just before he was smashed by a cab, south of London, on 12 July 1886 … Alfred Smith, police officer , killed in a bombing attempt to save the lives of several women and girls, June 13, 1917 … David Selves, 12, died trying to help his drunken playmate, September 12, 1886 … A visit to this park is ideal if you want to clear your mind and take a step back on your own life.

5. North London: Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is a very old and huge forest in North London where, be warned, it is very easy to get lost. You’ll find plenty of nooks and crannies to explore: public toilets that seem to be straight out of Hansel and Gretel, breathtaking panoramic views of London from Parliament Hill, or Hill Garden. & Pergola, famous for the difficulty visitors have in finding it. If you want to relax, do not hesitate to take a ride to the outdoor pool – it’s cheap! – or if you are more adventurous, try to jump into the icy water of one of the ponds: a rite of passage for Londoners. Put on good shoes: some trails are nothing more than muddy trails.

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