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What is the spring solstice and how is it celebrated?

What is the spring solstice and how is it celebrated

 The spring solstice or equinox is a date on which the change of season occurs. In particular, the entrance of spring is celebrated. It is a day that has always been marked on the calendar since antiquity and has been the subject of celebrations throughout the centuries in history in different ways.

Nowadays, the entrance of the spring with celebrations in many places of the world continues being celebrated, some of which continue maintaining ancestral rites and their original conception of offerings to the Gods.

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1.      What is the spring solstice

2.      Ancestral celebrations at the spring solstice

3.      Spring solstice celebrations today

What is the spring solstice

The solstice or equinox occurs when the Sun is in the plane of the celestial equator. A fact that happens twice a year, always taking place in March and September. The days in which it occurs tend to coincide with the 21 or 22 of those months, which is when the change of season occurs.

In this case, the spring solstice is the one that occurs in March to give entrance to this season of the year. But why is that date so important? The spring solstice is taken into account because it is a day in which the day has the same duration as night in all places on Earth, although there are always some differences as a result of the size of the Sun in relation to its central point.

In addition, it marks different stages on Earth. Specifically, at the North Pole marks the beginning of a day that will last six months, while at the South Pole the opposite effect occurs and the night will fall for six months.

It also fixes the seasons in the two hemispheres of the Earth. In this way, with the spring solstice will begin the autumn in the southern part. On the contrary, spring will begin in the northern hemisphere.

Ancestral celebrations at the spring solstice

The different peoples that have inhabited the Earth have always celebrated the solstices with different celebrations. In the case of the spring solstice, it has always been an important date in different cultures because it is when the connection between the divine and the human occurs.

In general, on this date, ceremonies were organized to give thanks to the gods and offerings were made in order to have good harvests and be free of diseases and evil spirits.

Spring solstice celebrations today

The spring solstice is still celebrated in many cities of the world, although now it is not usual to use that name, but rather it is called as a spring festival. In what cities or places is it celebrated? There are several countries that continue to keep tradition alive:

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Mexico: in this country, the feast of spring is celebrated while maintaining some traditions. One of the most common is to go that day or 24 hours before to the main archaeological sites of Mexico. To this appointment you must always go completely dressed in white in order to recharge yourself with good energies and vibrations.

Uruguay: the party in this country, being in the southern hemisphere, takes place on September 23. The celebration consists of organizing a parade of caravans, which have the characteristic of being decorated and being pulled by horses. All of them travel the streets of the main cities of the country to bring light, color and music.

Poland: in European countries such as Poland, the tradition is also kept alive. Here, the party consists of a parade, which is headed by the goddess Marzanna, whose figure is associated with the rites related to death and the rebirth of nature.

India: in fact, in this country, the moon of the month of March is celebrated, which usually coincides with these dates of the solstice. The tradition consists of a joiká, which is a ceremony in which a bonfire is lit that symbolizes the victory of good over evil. The next day, the Holi is celebrated in which people throw colored powders through the streets as a symbol of enjoying life and joy.

China: in this country, life and death come together. The tradition marks that it is necessary to go to the tombs of the ancestors to clean them and offer them food and drink. But there is also a hollow for the joy of the hand of songs and dances that are celebrated to prepare the land for the harvest.

Egypt: Sham el Nessie is the name of the celebration of this festival in Egypt, which is based on approaching the banks of the Nile River and sharing food, while singing, dancing and sailing in small boats by its waters.

These are some celebrations that help to understand what the spring solstice is and how it is celebrated in the world through different traditions. We have made a tour of the main parties, although there are other countries that also perform events on this day so marked. If you liked this article, you may also be interested in this one about when does spring 2018 begin?

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