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Take a Walk Over the Italian Countryside

Take a Walk Over the Italian Countryside

Italy is a friendly country, one that is especially inviting to see from the spring until the fall. That is when the temperature and weather are the most temperate. One of the interesting walking tours to consider is one that includes the volcanoes of Sicily. This self-guided tour is moderate in nature and is offered for seven nights from April to July and again from August to the end of October.

Seeing an Active Volcano

The walking excursion allows participants to visit East Sicily, including Mount Etna and the Aeolian isles of Stromboli and Lipari. Participants get to see volcano activity on Stromboli. The constant activity of the landmark has given it the name the Lighthouse of the Mediterranean Sea.

Visiting the Supramonte Mountains

You may also be interested in a walk that covers the Supramonte Mountains. This self-guided jaunt allows guests to traverse along one of the most beautiful coastlines of the Mediterranean. Along the trail, white cliffs rise as high as 800 metres out the blue and mesmerising waters of the Golfo di Orosei. You can choose from four or seven night journeys that are available from April to July or September to October.

The Barolo Wine Trails

Maybe you want to venture down the Barolo Wine Trails. This seven-night trip takes place from the first of April to the 15th of November, with the exception of Fridays and Sundays. Guests arrive in Alba before being transferred to Roddi, where the self-guided walk begins. During the first part of the hike, you will cross several hills before reaching the village of La Morra. During your walk, you will pass a number of wine-tasting sites as well. The views on clear days are beautiful, especially with the Alps spanning the backdrop.

Where to Obtain Further Details

Walkers, whilst in La Morra, normally pay a visit the Ratti Museum. The museum features exhibits that explain wine making and the area’s culture. After a stop in La Morra, trekkers continue to Vergne or Barolo, depending on the accommodations available. You can read more about the trip when you click on http://www.walking-europe.co.uk/italy/ .

Whatever tour you select, you will find that a self-guided tour offers a good value for your money. A self-guided walking holiday is less expensive than a guided tour because you do not have to pay money for a driver and transportation. Plus, this type of tour enables you to set your own walking pace.

A More Flexible Way to Travel

Guided walking holidays usually have established departure times and breaks are often incorporated into the schedule as well. With a self-guided trek, however, you can visit the places along a route you wish to see. You do not have to follow a prescribed itinerary.

When you take a guided tour, you will not know who will be part of the hike. However, on a self-guided walk, you can hike with friends or family. Not only are self-guided walks less costly, they also offer more adaptability.

Save More Money

Choose a day that suits your preferences and take a flight that will save you even more money. If you would like to take an affordable walking holiday in Italy, make sure it is a self-guided one.

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