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Tips To Consider While Considering Accessible Hotel Bookings

Tips To Consider While Considering Accessible Hotel Bookings

A holiday is a great time for the family. A lot of preparations are involved in the process and every small detail needs to be taken into consideration. All the preparations need to be perfect. If that is not challenging enough, there is the added challenge of finding wheelchair accessible hotels. If you are traveling with someone who has got mobility issues or is bound to the wheelchair, then it is better to go for accessible hotel bookings.

Now, a hotel claiming or featuring accessible in its list of features does not make it one. You need to ensure that it is or else if it turns out that the hotel is not accessible, then your holiday might get ruined. So before you decide to get on with your online booking, you can simply follow a few quick tips that can help you in choosing the right accessible hotel.

Handy Tips For Accessible Hotel Bookings

Following are some handy tips that can help you in your accessible hotel booking.

Nowadays, most of the hotel bookings are done online. Every hotel has an online presence and most of the bookings are done through the website. While booking, visitors can look at the rooms, hotel amenities and features, tariff and more. They can also take a look at the gallery to have an idea of the rooms and whether the hotel is actually accessible or not. Visitors can also make a list of potential hotel options when they are looking online. One can look up for an accessibility statement if the hotel publishes one on the website. Or, visitors can also look up for reviews from other visitors who have previously checked into specific accessible hotels.

There is no better way than to hear it directly from the hotel owners. It is a good way to be sure that the hotel actually offers this feature. It is better to be confirmed before booking or checking into the hotel. All queries regarding wheelchair accessibility to other areas in the hotel, or the bathroom, should be cleared. Often guests are in for nasty surprises after they check into the hotel only to find out that whatever promised is not met.

There is nothing stopping you from asking questions. Ask as many as you want as your requirements might differ from the others. One’s accessibility need might differ from the other. Prepare a list of all the queries you need to make that might include questions like what are the hotel’s accessible features, is there an accessible parking or an elevator, does the bathroom have a roll-in-shower or will there be a shower chair, are there grab-rails in the bathroom, how wide are the doors, etc.

It is true that pictures speak a thousand words. So if you are not convinced with words, ask for pictures. That is going to give you a better idea of the same.

At the end of it all, ask the hotel to provide you with a confirmation email. This should include all the details that has been discussed and you can carry it along with you for it might come handy in case of any discrepancy.

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