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Top last minute destinations for Easter holidays

Top last minute destinations for Easter holidays

Need a break during the Easter holidays So yes, it’s nice to do an egg hunt in the granny’s garden, but it’s not too late (if so) to organize a little weekend of last minute between friends instead . Do not panic, do not move, we have everything you need (and all, without breaking the bank).

So let’s go, pack your backpack in two-two … Tadaaa here are the best destinations for last-minute (or almost) last-minute Easter holidays.

Shellfish and shellfish break in Nice

In the top of the best destinations in Europe, we want to want … NICE! So wherever you are in France, whatever your means of transport you will reach your destination in record time (it helps for last minute trips).

Think fine sand beaches a few steps, crystal clear water, relaxing terraces in the sun, quiet walks in the city and we have fun with a small seafood platter on the port (ok ok pints of beer are not expensive no more if it may interest you).

Let’s talk about it, here are good cheap and free plans:

– After a very busy sunbathing program on the beach, instead of looking for a dubious flip-flop, head over to Wayne’s for live music over a beer, Checkpoint for parties beer pong sprinkled with a crazy happy hour or AKA Thor for a happy hour that lasts all night. We validate.
– To manage your tomorrows of difficult evenings, a little fresh air will not hurt. Then head to the Phoenix Park (with 7 hectares of greenery, you’ll have something to do), the Promenade du Paillon (if your body still follows you) or Massena Square in the city center with the air of an Italian village.

And where are we sleeping?

Cap on Hostel OZZ By Happyculture . This hostel is a 16-minute walk (chrono in hand) from the beach and only two minutes from the train station. Ah and breakfast every morning, do we talk about it?

Relaxed Easter holidays in Copenhagen

If, like us, you are a bit addicted to Copenhagen, the Easter weekend is the moment or never to pass the cap and to book your tickets. Healthy nordic food, street art, bicycles by the thousands, lively bars, Christiana … We do not want to spoil you, but it’s a little summary of what awaits you.

Ah yes for the chilly, take your cap, coat, extra thick socks, XXL scarves (we say that we say nothing).

Let’s talk about it, here are good cheap and free plans:

– Hungry after your hectic night? Direction Torvehallerne Market in the district of Vesterbro. Independent coffee shops, Danish pastries, juice bars, cheap brunches (yes yes it is possible, even in Denmark), you will be spoiled for choice.
– Take a detour to the neighborhood of Christiana, the free neighborhood of Copenhagen, a real small town in the city. You will even have a sign that tells you that “You are leaving the European Union now” before entering (do not hesitate to ride a bike and to venture a little more towards the woods, you will have pretty surprises …
– To the most adventurous, go to the Palad Tatret, an old station turned into a cinema!

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