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Where to eat for cheap in Paris?

eat for cheap in Paris

Originally from Australia, I have been based in Paris for a number of years now and I try to spend as much time as possible immersing myself in everything this magical city has to offer. As a freelance blogger and author, I may not be familiar with the secrets of Michelin-starred restaurants, but I know all the good food plans of the capital at your fingertips. I would say even more: I acquired the status of expert in the field. Crunchy croissants at 1 € until authentic Indian and Asian restaurants (not to mention the hot chocolate, essential to survive the Parisian greyness), I make you discover the best succulent but affordable secrets of all Paris!

1. Crepes

For the vegetarian I am, pancakes are one of the best food plans in Paris. For less than 10 €, you can sit in a charming creperie to enjoy one of the specificities that the whole world envies to France! At Breizh Café, I threw myself on vanilla butter pancakes. At Lulu la Nantaise, I enjoyed every bite of their salted pancake with spinach, egg and goat cheese. At the Crêperie Brocéliande, we do more in the classic, with their inevitable cheese and candied onions. For an even more affordable option, take a pancake to go and devour it while strolling around Paris. The Droguerie in the Marais and the creperies around Gare Montparnasse are ideal for tasting the true flavor of Brittany.

2. Falafels

Paris is full of very good falafels. Most Parisians would agree with me that the best falafels in Paris are all rue de Rosiers. A merciless war takes place between Fallafel Ace, Chez Hanna, King Falafel Palace and MI-VA-MI, all of which are located just a few meters from each other in the Marais district. As far as I’m concerned, I’m pretty much in the Fallafel As team, but I have to admit they’re all great. If you are looking for something a little more chic, you can also find some really good Israeli street food in Miznon, where you can sit down and enjoy their food to die for.

3. Hot chocolate

The French know how to appreciate a good hot chocolate, and in this area it is difficult to dethrone Angelina. So, yes, it’s certainly not the most affordable hot chocolate in Paris, but the first time I tasted their drink so thick and creamy, with just enough sugar, I spent rest of the day with a big smile. Yes, their hot chocolate is delicious at this point. You can find Angelina in two places: in the Louvre, where there is often a queue, and at the take-out shop, Rive Gauche, where there is very little waiting.

4. Picnic with products from the market

Yes like most French, Parisians like good food, so challenge accepted to eat for cheap in Paris. That’s why shopping at the market is almost a national sport: we hunt the best vegetables, cheeses, meats and fruits, one by one, consulting the seller or the seller about the origins of the product, the production methods, its taste , his age, etc. Needless to say, therefore, that the range of choices in the Paris markets is incredible, and often cheaper than in supermarkets. Do some research to find out which market is closest to you, or nearest to the park where you want to have a picnic. Check the days and opening hours and go and choose the best ingredients for cheap! My favorites are the Aligre Market,

5. Fondue

A little fondue or raclette, that tells you, no? It takes at least that to survive the winter in Paris! Well to go soaking his bread in the rules of the art without thinking too much about the addition that will follow, do not hesitate to go to the Chalet Savoyard for a fondue as we like, or to stay on a good dynamic, Fondues de la Raclette, to make you a good little raclette.

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